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Backcountry Women is passionate about representing outdoor leadership. Get started with the info below and reach out with any inquiries!


Get your team outside to connect with nature and experience the benefits to your mental and physical wellness. We offer custom outings for your team to immerse themselves in nature and experience connection outside the office. These events are ideal for organizations looking for ways to provide unique team-building experiences and allow their staff to connect and decompress in new and exciting ways.

Activities are created for you and led by Ashley, Backcountry Women’s Founder. Ashley is an experienced backcountry enthusiast who enjoys getting into nature by foot, bike, and watercraft and enjoys activities that include multi-day hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, downhill skiing, and indoor and outdoor rock climbing. She is also certified through the Outdoor Council of Canada as a Hiking Field Leader and has been leading groups in outdoor activity since 2018. 

For more information on corporate event offerings, please contact us by email.


Our collaborative event opportunities are ideal for organizations who are looking to get more people outdoors and run an event with Backcountry Women.

HOST BACKCOUNTRY WOMEN - We love working with other outdoors organizations to build events that are specific to your services. These events are great for organizations who are wanting to expand their reach and work with Certified Field Leaders to offer quality, women-led events to participants. If you are a vendor or outfitter within the outdoors industry, we’d love to hear from you!

HOMETOWN HIKES  - Backcountry Women strongly believes in the importance of community and spending time outdoors. Let us come to you for a fun event within your community to experience the benefits of connection and nature right in your own hometown. These events are a great way to get members of the community together for a local experience, gain valuable knowledge and work with a certified field leader.

WORKSHOPS - Backcountry Women believes that knowledge is power and aims to provide a variety of resources for getting outdoors. We offer educational opportunities through a variety of workshops that emphasize heading outside prepared so that you can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Events can be created for women/marginalized genders only, or mixed gender groups. Participants must be age 16+ and are generally required to be over 18 years - contact us for info.

For more information about planning a collaborative event with Backcountry Women, please contact us by email.


We have a variety of partnership opportunities available to organizations who wish to support what Backcountry Women offers and align with our goals and values. Your support allows us to reach our goals and fullest potential. Please see our FAQ page and reach out for further information. 

For more information or to inquire further, please contact us by email.

Ashley Moore Email
Founder of Backcountry Women

Ashley is an avid outdoor adventurer who is experienced in multiple activities such as multi-day hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, downhill skiing, and rock climbing (both indoor and outdoor). She holds certifications in Hiking Field Leadership (2018) and Wilderness First Aid (2020), and has further expanded her knowledge and expertise by taking additional courses from the Outdoor Council of Canada in Winter, Paddling, and Overnight leadership.

With her passion for outdoor leadership, Ashley created outdoor activities for Backcountry Women, which focus on helping women connect to nature. Ashley understands the difficulties faced by people who want to be close to nature and thus, she encourages people to become more empowered and confident in the outdoors.

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