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At Backcountry Women, we focus on creating a safe & positive space where everyone is free to share their experiences and try new things. We are committed to ensuring that both our in-person activities, as well as online groups are a judgement-free space. For this reason, we have created a Social Media Code of Conduct.

community guidelines

  • No promotions or spam: We have created an online community as a way to further connect beyond our events and to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge in addition to keeping you in the loop regarding what Backcountry Women has coming up and we ask that you do not post advertisements of any products, events, or services.

  • Be respectful & supportive of other community members: Just like in-person, our online communities are a safe, judgement-free space where everyone is welcome. Hurtful comments, judgements & disrespectful language are not tolerated and will be removed.

  • Treat others how you would like to be treated: Be constructive vs critical; approach conversations with curiosity, not judgement; respect other people’s feelings and choices. Before responding in a negative manner, take a step back and consider how you would feel if someone were to say that comment to you. Your words have an impact regardless of intent. Be mindful of how you react and engage.

  • Inclusivity: Please do your best to use inclusive language so that everyone can feel safe and welcome.

  • Group Events: While you are definitely able to set up your own casual meet-ups with others in the community, please do not plan your own events through our platforms. A lot of effort, time and skill goes into creating our events and your activities should not cause conflict with what Backcountry Women offers. 

  • Fishing & Hunting: There are many other online groups dedicated to these topics. Discussions on fishing and/or hunting do not belong in our space.

Below are some reasons that your posts may be removed and/or your account be suspended in our online communities:

  • Spam & promotions

  • Judgmental & disrespectful language 

  • Hatefulness 

  • Harsh negativity or “Trolling”

  • Spreading of false information

  • Comments that go against government laws or guidelines

Thank you for being respectful to other members - we’re so happy to have you as part of our community!

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