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Code of Conduct

Backcountry Women 
Code of Conduct for Members and Event Participants

By participating in any Backcountry Women activities, you automatically agree to follow our Member Code of Conduct. These rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

  1. Check activity requirements prior to event registration. We offer a wide variety of activities and not all will be suited to your abilities or interests.

  2. Read event emails thoroughly and correspond with event leaders as required via email. Do NOT reach out to leaders via Facebook or other social media channels. Event attendees are responsible for having a valid e-mail address, communicating with the event organizer regarding any changes in attendance, and for checking e-mail prior to an event.

  3. Honor your commitment and attend events that you have signed up for. Failing to show up or canceling at the last minute not only prevents waitlisted individuals from participating, but also leads to wasted spots and unnecessary use of our limited resources.

  4. Communicate with event leaders in a timely manner regarding any questions, concerns, or changes in your attendance. Contact information is provided via the automatic registration email you receive upon completing registration for an event (be sure these emails haven’t gone into your spam).

  5. Be on time. Know your directions to the meeting location and if the location is unfamiliar, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  6. Arrive prepared for the activity. Suggested gear lists are provided by email ahead of each event.

  7. Practice 'Leave no trace' principles. All members must respect the outdoors and make allowance for others’ enjoyment of nature during all activities.

  8. Members and Participants are required to abide by all local laws, Backcountry Women policies, and the policies of Backcountry Women partners.

  9. Creating a safe and welcoming environment for all participants is our priority. We do not tolerate any form of bullying, as well as any derogatory remarks or discriminatory language regarding race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity. Additionally, we ask that conversations be civil, and controversial discussions be avoided in this space.

  10. Participants cannot be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substances during our activities.

Responsibility and Consequences

Our events are often 100% volunteer member-run by our Backcountry Women Advocates, and as such our volunteer event leaders / Advocates, in addition to Backcountry Women's Founder, are within their rights to ban anyone from attending events they coordinate and/or lead if the behaviour or actions of that participant are negatively affecting the experience or safety of others.

Backcountry Women brings together a group of like-minded participants working together to further common goals. Backcountry Women and its associates, including trip leaders, are not professional guides. Safety is each participant's responsibility and individuals must come prepared with proper equipment and safety essentials. See our waiver form for more information.

As a Backcountry Women member or event participant, you are ultimately responsible for observing our Code of Conduct. Any breach of the Code of Conduct in your dealings with your fellow members, participants or members of the public may result in serious consequences.

Cases in which Backcountry Women membership or participation in Backcountry Women events may be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked include but are not limited to:

  1. If a single complaint of enough severity is brought against a Member or Participant.

  2. If multiple, lesser complaints are brought against a Member or Participant.

  3. If a Member or Participant is repeatedly late or has multiple "no shows" on their record (see our Cancellation Policy for more information).

  4. Event crashing (i.e. showing up for a Backcountry Women event for which the Member or Participant has not registered).

  5. Misuse of Member or Participant contact information.

  6. Soliciting members or event participants.  This includes but is not limited to soliciting other members for non-Backcountry Women related activities.

If your membership or participation is suspended, you must not attend any Backcountry Women events until expiry of the suspension. If your membership is revoked or you are banned from Backcountry Women, you must not attempt to re-join or attend events run by Backcountry Women.

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