Safety and Liability

Please be aware that Backcountry Women and its associates including trip leaders are not professional guides. Safety is each participant's responsibility and individuals must come prepared with proper equipment and safety essentials.

Backcountry Women is a group of like-minded participants working together to further common goals. Please be aware that risks are inherent in activities organized by Backcountry Women, and if you are injured or die, Backcountry Women, event organizers/leaders, contractors, etc. cannot be held responsible in any way. The success of each event depends on the cooperation and efforts of every member who participates. Although we make an effort to prepare participants and to look out for one another to the best of our ability, each of us is nevertheless responsible for our own safety and well-being during every activity.

Please understand participating in Backcountry Women events/activities means you must stay with the group, look out for each other’s well being, and participate. Activity leaders/organizers reserve the right to refuse participants who show up with inadequate gear, cause concern for the group's safety, show disrespect to group leaders or other participants, etc.

Our waiver form has more information.

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