Backcountry Women is a community-driven organization located in Manitoba, Canada. The group’s primary mandate is to unite, educate, and empower women, so that they can find independence in the wilderness. The group is also meant to be a forum for the exchange of outdoor-related knowledge and activities.

Although women are increasingly partaking in outdoor and wilderness-related activities, some may still feel they lack the necessary skills, knowledge, or self-confidence to tackle new adventures. This group aims to provide local workshops, activities, and social events to address some of these barriers.

Backcountry Women is also about forging new friendships on the trails, so don’t be shy!

If you are looking to experience nature first-hand, gain confidence in the outdoors, and meet like-minded friends – join us! Our events aim to cater to a range of levels, from beginner to more adventure-seeking, from social to adventurous. We do our best to provide inclusive programming and content and we also welcome feedback at any time.

On behalf of Backcountry Women,

Happy Trails!

Backcountry Women group

Backcountry Women hike in Spruce Woods