FAQ/No Show Policy

• I registered for an event and can't make it:

Our no show policy is stated on each registration form when you're signing up for an activity, and you'll also receive it in the confirmation email you receive when you submit a registration form. The policy and process is as follows:


Fees paid are non refundable and are not transferable to other events. Refunds are available only if we cancel an event. This policy exists to ensure we can continue offering these activities, and it has been implemented in order to be fair to everyone (including organizers and other participants) – no exceptions.

Although we do not offer refunds, if you can no longer make it to an event you registered for, you do have the option to sell your spot in the event. You may arrange this in several ways 1) check if we have a waitlist of people for the event, no less than 24 hours prior to the event 2) ask friends in your network or the members in the Backountry Women Facebook group to take your spot. Arrange for them to pay you directly for your spot.

For options 1 & 2, the following must be completed in order to arrange this:

– reply to your event registration confirmation email to get in touch with the organizer (this is the contact that also shows up on your screen after you’ve successfully submitted this form online)
- let the organizer know information about the person who is taking your spot: their first & last name, email address, phone number must be provided.

Please make sure you communicate with us regarding any changes in your attendance or registration by replying to the confirmation email you will receive automatically upon successfully registering (be sure to register using a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS).

Another note in regards to our no show policy:

Spots in our events are limited. If you repeatedly register for events and then cancel with short notice/ without a valid reason, this is not without consequences, so your access to future events may be limited. You will receive a warning if you've been flagged for this behavior. Registering to participate in something means you're committed to attend unless there's an urgent matter causing you to back out. Also, please do not contact us requesting a refund or free space in a future event as a substitution – the policy and your options are clearly stated above.

• Contacting organizers &  sending Facebook messages in regards to events:

Events are all coordinated via email (be sure you always register with a valid email address on registration forms!). After registering for an event, you will automatically receive an email confirmation following successful submission of this form (be sure to check your spam!). Please save these emails in a separate email folder in case you need to refer to them later or contact the organizer! Follow up emails will be sent closer to the event regarding further details, gear to come prepared with, or any changes. Organizers will also provide their personal cell numbers in this email in case of urgent day-of matters.

You must email the organizer if you can no longer attend; be sure to provide sufficient notice so that the organizer doesn't miss your email. DO NOT SEND A FACEBOOK MESSAGE.

• Are children allowed to attend?

Women often take care of everyone else in their lives EXCEPT themselves. We provide the opportunity for women to care for themselves through our activities and connect with fellow outdoors women.

Our events are exclusively for adult women (and define “women” broadly to include individuals who identify as cisgender, transgender, femme/feminine, genderqueer and non-binary.)

• Do I need a membership to join events?

Non-members can join events we advertise, at our non-member price. Events have limited spaces available, and registration is advertised to our members first.

Our members save an average of $10-$15 for each event we offer, and receive exclusive discounts and offers only available to Backcountry Women members.
We rely on memberships to sustain what we do - thanks for your support!


• Can I post about my business's offerings or items for sale on the Facebook group?

Our overall Backcountry Women community "lives" on our Backcountry Women Facebook Group. This space is used to let the community and Backcountry Women members know what's going on with our activities, and to allow the community to connect and engage with each other. We want it used to share ideas and spark inspiration. We don't want this content watered down with other types of promotions, events conflicting with ours, or items for sale.
As a general rule, you are not allowed to advertise your organization or business' products, events or services in this group. If you'd like to promote something to the community or provide a discount/donation to our members, get in touch regarding options on our contact page.