Outdoor Herbivore Backpacking Meals Review

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Food is often one of the most exciting part of any adventure (to me, anyways haha!). However, the food options you can bring out on the trail are definitely not all equal.

As someone who is some what health conscious (but also enjoys treats) it can be a challenge figuring out the right meals to choose. For years now, I've been dehydrating my own backpacking meals at home. I found the pre-packaged store bought options to be rather disappointing and just full of too many things I didn't want.

Making your own meals is great, but if you're not organized in advance, you need pre-made options to hit the trails with!

I spent some time researching online for popular, healthier (and veg friendly) pre-made meals. I was SO excited to come across Outdoor Herbivore, and even more excited when I reached out to them last year and they agreed to send me some of their meals to try!!

Outdoor Herbivore's meals are made with whole food ingredients - similar to what I'd prepare myself at home. They are full of flavor, and achieve this with a variety of dried herbs and spices rather than a bunch of salt (have you seen the salt content on many pre-packaged dried meals!?).

I found their meals to be super easy and convenient to prepare, only using water. Also, they package their foods lightweight resealable bags (instead of large bulky bags that give room for your boiling water) to save on space, weight, cost, and the environment.

I packed many of the meals I received from Outdoor Herbivore for a shorter backpacking trip for my husband and I. The portions of the meals I had were for 1 - 2 servings, which we stretched among the two of us by adding extras like naan bread to our meal. If you were really hungry, you could probably eat the whole portion yourself.

backpacking meals including Outdoor Herbivore meals

The first item I tried from Outdoor Herbivore didn't even make it on my trip. I made the mistake of opening them to try them at home before the trip. The CinnaMonkey Chomps were one of the most delicious things I have EVER eaten - not kidding!! They reminded me of eating French Toast Crunch as a kid, but better. Definitely a treat you'd want to end your day with on trail.

Outdoor Herbivore CinnaMonkey Chomps

I also tried their Chickpea sesame spaghetti as one of our dinners. This meal was super tasty, satisfying and enjoyable - I would definitely eat it again!

  chickpea spaghetti

We enjoyed it with same naan (which doubles as an after-meal pot cleaner LOL!).

pasta on naan bread

chickpea spaghetti meal

On another trip, I also tried Outdoor Herbivore's Yasai which is a mixture full of vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, peas, and carrots marinated in ginger sesame vinaigrette. Overall it was good, and I appreciated the dose of veggies, but I enjoyed the other meals from Outdoor Herbivore more.

One of the meals I really enjoyed was the hummus. I ate it as part of my lunch on my last day on the backpacking trip I took. It was packed with so much flavor!

hummus package sitting on large rocks with hiking poles and water in the background

hummus spread on a cracker

Also, the Blueberry Maple Crunch was a great start to the day - I thoroughly enjoyed this one vs the boring oatmeal I'm used to. It was creamy, tasty, and I loved the big whole grain oats. Not a bad view for breakfast, either!

oatmeal breakfast with blueberries inside a campfire cook pot

calm water view on shoreline of a lake, with large rocks and many trees

Want to give some Outdoor Herbivore meals a try for yourself? They're offering all readers 10% off all individual entrees using the code BACKCOUNTRYXX10P on their website outdoorherbivore.com!


Happy trails!

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  • Christina Hiebert on

    Outdoor Herbivore is on my list of pre-packaged hiking meals that I want to try this year as part of a fun experiment. I will definitely use that discount code!

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