Kwasitchewan Falls Trip

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Today, as I reflect on the growth and evolution of Backcountry Women (since the Instagram account just hit 1000!!) I continue to reflect on what forming a community like this has added to my life. With this reflection I have just realized I haven't yet posted on about the trip we went on to Kwasitchewan Falls in beautiful northern Manitoba!

I have met so many amazing people since beginning Backcountry Women, and this connection gave several of us the opportunity to plan a pretty epic trip together. Backcountry Women has given me a community to immerse myself in that inspires me daily and has added a key piece to my life I had been missing. I hope it gives a piece of that to you, my community members, too!!

The Kwasitchewan trip offered four nights, three days with some bad ass, inspiring Backcountry Women who love the outdoors the way I do! It was amazing coming together and accomplishing our goals as a group, and although several  of us first met via the planning process, with lots in common it was as if we had already known each other! I'm truly grateful to these women and for the experience we shared.

A group of 8 of us set out together, traveling on our first day to Paint Lake Manitoba. En route, we stopped for lunch at the beautiful Little Limestone Lake which had cold and clear waters. We camped that night after sharing some beers at the Paint Lake lodge.

Little limestone lake

Paint lake

The next morning we packed up and made our way to Pisew Falls, then on to the trail head on the opposite end of the parking lot for the Kwasitchewan Falls trek. We hiked approximately 14 kms/6 hours through the woods along the Grass River before finding our campsite near some rapids. The rapids provided wonderful music to fall asleep to.

Pisew Falls

Campsite near Kwasitchewan Falls
Not far into the journey the next morning, we reached Kwasitchewan Falls. The falls are Manitoba's highest and were an amazing sight to take in. We continued our trek through the forest and a lot of downed trees, and made it back to our vehicles late afternoon. Once we all made it back, we hit the road again. We arrived at Steep Rock, set up and made our way to the beach to take in an incredible sunset.

Kwasitchewan Falls
Hiking the Kwasitchewan falls trail

Sunset at Steep Rock beach park

Silhouettes in the sunset

On our final day we set out to explore the cliffs. We were greeted with another hot, beautiful day. After exploring the cliffs and taking lots of photos, we noticed the kayak rental place opening and had our opportunity to hit the water and explore an island that had goats (the rental owner had just brought them out - they stay there May - October before returning them to his farm). After paddling around, it was time conclude the trip, exchange hugs, and to make our way back come.

Cliffs at Steep Rock

Cliffs at Steep Rock

Kayaking at Steep Rock

Backcountry Women has already given me more than I could have imagined when I began this community. So much love for you all!

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