How Backcountry Women Embraced Manitoba's Chilly Winter

As Manitobans who live in the extreme climate of the prairies, we often like to say how awful our winters are (and it can be hard to not complain, because let's face it - they can drain our spirits when they end up being long and relentlessly cold...). But our winters actually offer us something really unique. If we step outside (with lot of proper layers on, and back up layers stuffed into our packs), there's a ton of fun things to do!

The Backcountry Women community did not hide inside all winter long - instead we decided to thrive. We proved just how fun winter can be!

We got out there on snowshoes -

a group of Backcountry Women lined up in the snow with snowshoes, smiling

And skiis -

women cross country skiing at Birds Hill park under a blue sky surrounded by trees

woman wearing a red Backcountry Women toque with women skiing in the background

And fat bikes (looking like ninjas since this day was particularly cold) -

women with their faces covered by goggles and balaclavas, wearing bike helmets while posing with their fat tire bikes in front of the iconic Esplanade Riel bridge in Winnipeg

We climbed ice on a crisp evening with smiles and cheers -

woman holding ice axes in the air while cheering in front of Winnipeg's ice tower

four women starting to climb a lit up ice tower at night in Winnipeg

We roasted marshmallows and made smores from chocolate that quickly froze on us -

a large group of Backcountry Women gathered around a large fire pit - they are leaning toward the fire with their marshmallows on roasting sticks

We totally embraced what our awesome province can offer us, and I'm so glad we did it together! This community of women amazes me and proves just how awesome Manitoban outdoors women really are.

If you'd like to adventure with us, check out our upcoming events page, and membership program.

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