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I absolutely love the comfort of wearing tights, especially when exerting myself in any way. After worrying about my favorite athletic tights being ruined from wearing them into the bush, I knew there had to be a compromise out there for a more durable, hiking friendly option. I've found it! So today, I'm sharing with you a review of my new favorite pair.

  • Item: The North Face Hybrid Hiker Tights
  • Features: fitted, durable, breathable, backpack-friendly waistband, zip pocket, moisture wicking and fast drying, lifetime warranty

What I love about these

These tights hug you and stretch like any great pair of tights, and feel super comfortable. They don't bunch or fold over in weird ways; they totally move with you and feel great. The materials are durable and don't snag easily, and have reinforced fabrics on the knee and bum areas for added durability. You can wash and dry these (no hanging to dry!).

Hybrid hiker tights

These are a very versatile pair of tights - I've worn them casually, for workouts, and for a variety of activities including cross country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, indoor wall climbing, ice climbing, and walking so far. I'm very confident I'll be wearing these during all my outdoor activities.

hiking tights

hiking tights Hybrid hiker tights

What I'd change about these

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the pocket placement. It's really nice having a pocket, but I wouldn't put much inside of it. I can fit my phone but as soon as you move you realize it's not a comfortable place to keep a large object like that. A bum or side pocket would probably be better!

Overall these are really wonderful in my opinion and a fantastic, versatile piece to invest in. Do you wear tights for hiking? Comment below!

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  • Christine on

    I dont usually use tights for hiking. I prefer canvas or cotton pants with belt loops and pockets. I can see how tights might be ok too and really should give them a try. In the winter I would prefer heavy canvas or wool.

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