Climbing Ice for Escaladies night with the ACC (St.Boniface and Manitoba)!

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When I was contacted by the Manitoba section of the Alpine Club of Canada to see if Backcountry Women would be down for an evening of women's only ice climbing, I hesitated for half of a second (out of fear) and then said to myself I, and we, could totally do this - and it would be amazing!

As the date approached, the excitement and interest built within the Backcountry Women Facebook group and I was pumped to take this on surrounded by awesome ladies.

Before I knew it, the evening of Escaladies Night arrived. There it stood in front of me as the sun was beginning to set - a massive tower of ice unlike anything I've seen before!

St.Boniface’s Ice Tower

As everyone showed up they were geared up for the ice with boots, crampons, harnesses, helmets and ice axes, and given all the safety info and instruction before the ice ax swinging could begin. It was amazing to not only have women participants for the climbing, but to also have women belay and demonstrate for us.

crampons Backcountry Women gearing up

Escaladies night

I feel like this night couldn't have gone any better. Women showed up as strangers with smiles on their faces and were about as excited as I was to challenge themselves to try something new. We all had different abilities yet we all showed enthusiasm and determination. I could see the confidence building throughout the evening and everyone was so supportive of one another. I loved that we could cheer each other on. It was truly special seeing us come together, bond, and empower one another!

women ice climbing

women ice climbing

St. Boniface ice climbing

women ice climbing Escaladies night women ice climbing

women ice climbing

women at the ice tower woman climbing St.Boniface’s Ice Tower

I had a smile plastered on my face during the whole car ride home from the ice tower. What an amazing night with some really awesome women! I can't wait to do it again next year.

A big thank you to Greg from the Manitoba section of the Alpine Club of Canada for organizing this with me.

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