Announcing Our Annual Memberships!

When I first started Backcountry Women, I never imagined it would become what it is today. This labor of love has blossomed into a thriving community of outdoors women. Many of us face specific individual challenges that might be related to our climate, our gender, our background, our physical and mental health, or our socio-economic standing. This group is meant to create dialogue, solidarity, opportunities for an exchange of knowledge, and increased enjoyment of the outdoors. The vision and mission of the group is focused on accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and a leave-no-trace approach.

The Backcountry Women community exists because of its members – in other words, YOU! As the founder of Backcountry Women, I know I am accountable to the group and I do not take this responsibility and role lightly. I want the group’s activities to bring value to its members, to connect people in real-time, and to offer opportunities for gained confidence in the outdoors. This might mean gaining confidence through trying new activities you would have never tried alone, improving your existing skills and knowledge, or branching out to new ways of approaching your outdoor adventures.

As the community grows, so do the needs and opportunities. With this in mind, as of February 1st, 2019, Backcountry Women is rolling out a membership program. Memberships will be a key strategy in building and sustaining the community, but they will also serve as a way to give back. Here is an overview of what members can expect:
  • Members-only perks, including: discounts on paid events, a variety of free events, early notification and registration for all events, incentives for activity helpers, and other promotional perks.
  • Backcountry Women expects to run a minimum of 2 events per month. (Upcoming Events here – mark your calendars!)
  • Each membership will help Backcountry Women give back to local causes and organizations that support, for example, conservation, and women’s empowerment. (More information to come!)
  • Each year, a portion of membership funds will help Backcountry Women offer 10 FREE memberships to community members who have expressed financial need. This is a way for those of us with more means to give back to those of us who might not otherwise be able to afford a membership. 
  • Members will be regularly consulted for feedback on activities.
  • Membership funds allow Backcountry Women to provide some event “extras” such as snacks or giveaways, while also helping to provide baseline operating funds to cover administrative costs.
Thank you for supporting, building and growing this community! Memberships are now available here.

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